Unleashed LGBTQ w Wesley Smoot


 Wesley Smoot is an advocate, entrepreneur, and proud bisexual man (he/him/his) from Austin, TX. His background is in marketing, public relations and event planning. He is the creator of Weslo’s Home-O-Erotic Cookbook and the highly anticipated brand marketing event Unleashed LGBTQ, featuring the LEADING LGBTQ INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS & CELEBS IN AN EXCLUSIVE, INTERACTIVE, 3-DAY VIRTUAL EVENT – think the LGBTQ version of South by Southwest.

We chatted with Wesley about putting the B in LGBTQ and some of the resistance from both the gay and straight community. We also chat his event, what it took to put together, and what we can expect...prepare to get UNLEASHED! Look for Metrosource's On the Rocks' news report with host Alexander Rodriguez for their Thursday Happy Hour segment!  

Join this free, three day event at www.UnleashedLGBTQ.com

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