Remembering The Golden Girls with Stan Zimmerman


 In this episode, we chat with TV sitcom writer Stan Zimmerman who, as a newbie in the industry, was a writer for Season 1 of The Golden Girls. Stan Zimmerman has worked on many television series, including season one of The Golden Girls, Fame, Something Wilder with Gene Wilder, Roseanne, Wanda at Large, and the highly successful fifth season of Gilmore Girls. Besides writing and producing many television pilots, he and his writing partner James Berg rewrote the Emmy and Peabody award-winning Annie for ABC. They have also written for film, including both Brady Bunch movies.  

We chatted with Stan about being a closeted writer in the 80s and working on the iconic Golden Girls for its debut season. Even though Golden Girls has become of our LGBTQ TV history, it was still was a closeted environment and coming out as gay in the entertainment industry was career suicide. We also chatted with Stan about his close relationship with Estelle Getty (Sophia) and asked him if there was any truth to the Bea Arthur vs Betty White feud.  

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