Tasting History with Max Miller


During COVID, without the Pride and social events, a number of us remembered how much we loooove to eat! Looking for a new kinds of recipes? We have just the thing for you…that comes with a side of history. 

On this episode we chat with YouTuber, chef, and soon to be author Max Miller who, on his weekly show “Tasting History with Max Miller,” gives viewers a look at a historical recipe and explores its origins in a fun and thorough way. 

Max is no stranger to the entertainment business; his early start was in musical theatre and voice acting (you must hear his Iago). He would eventually come to work for Disney Studios but, as for many in the film industry, would find himself without a job because of COVID. What was to start as a fun video hobby has turned into a full-time gig, Tasting History’s audience has grown to over hundreds of thousands of subscribers, with millions, double digit millions, of total channel views and counting. Max has been recently featured in major outlets that include Today.com, Digital Trends, the Rachel Ray show, and the New York Post…and a past issue of Metrosource Magazine – now available on Metrosource.com

We chat with him about becoming a YouTube sensation, what goes into making a video, his love of history, and how to maintain a relationship while busy at work as a social media maven. Hosted by Alexander Rodriguez

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