Celebrating Sondheim with Travis Moser


In his attempt to fulfill an unquenchable need for attention, cabaret, concert and recording artist Travis Moser has packed houses and won acclaim for his solo shows in NYC and around the country. He has celebrated and performed shows devoted to Linda Ronstandt and the music of Rodgers and Hart. He has performed at the famed Metropolitan Room, Joe’s Pub, Club Cumming, Birdland, The Laurie Beechman Theatre, Don’t Tell Mama, The Duplex and of course, the legendary Feinstein's at 54 Below where he has recorded live albums of his performances.  

He has been seen in regional productions of Jekyll and Hyde, West Side Story, Into the Woods, The Mystery of Edwin Drood and Joseph in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and featured soloist in Disney and More.

His latest project, recorded during COVID, is a quieter version of Travis with an unplugged celebration of the music of Stephen Sondheim – titled So Many People: The Stephen Sondheim Sessions.

We chatted with Travis about cabaret during COVID, the power of the music of Stephen Sondheim, dissected Into the Woods, and being in the spotlight. Tune in!  

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