Screenwriter Michael Zara Puts the LGBTQ in Horror!


Michael Zara is an LGBTQ writer who has a passion for telling poppy, character-driven stories that are female and queer-focused. Mike has developed original pilots IT'S A MYSTERY for The CW and KILL THE LIGHTS for YouTube Originals. His horror-comedy Hallmark Christmas parody, LETTERS TO SATAN CLAUS, aired this past December on SYFY, which also served as his screenwriting film debut.

Michael was a writer on the upcoming drama series, CRIME FARM for Warner Horizon/Nicole Kidman's Blossom Films, and for TNT's hit MAJOR CRIMES. Mike also co-created the unauthorized musical parody of TEEN WITCH at The Groundlings. Mike is co-writing the horror feature PROM DRESS - based on the classic YA novel. 

We chatted with Michael about our obsession with camp (not actual camping, just the style lol), gay themes in classic horror films, growing LGBTQ represenation in the genre, his creative process, working on a serial drama, and his creative process for his new project...with host Alexander Rodriguez.  

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