Poly People with Filmmakers Thales Correa and Anthony Moore


In our current boom of gender and sexual identities, the term “poly” has joined the ranks as a hot topic term describing people who have multiple romantic relationships at the same time. It’s not having an open relationship, it’s not cheating, it’s having intentional and intimate, there are just more people involved. It sounds like a fun idea until you work in the realities of jealousy and the typical ups and downs of any relationship and multiply that by “x” number of people. 

Brazilian filmmakers Thales Correa and Anthony Moore’s recent project, Poly People, is a comedic take on a polyamorous relationship involving very four different lovers under one roof – one straight male, one bisexual female, a lesbian, and a gender-fluid sassy pants named Cuddlez who acts as the housewife. Filmed during COVID, the result is a seven-part mockumentary web series that affectionately demystifies gender identification paradigms and sexual norms proving that no matter how you categorize your relationship, any domestic partnership requires compassion, understanding, and a reconciliation of numerous, diverging lifestyles and habits. 

The show is high energy and infectious, much like the personalities of the filmmakers themselves. Immigrating from Brazil, Thales and Anthony are a whirlwind of chatter, laughter, heavy accents, and big dreams. 

We chatted with them about coming out, growing up in the poorer parts of Brazil, coming to the US, filmmaking, love and dating, and what they have planned ahead....with host Alexander Rodriguez.

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