Nicholas Brown, Egyptologist


You may have noticed the History Channel heating up this summer with a member of our community chatting it up about all things Egypt.

On this episode we chat with Egyptologist Nicholas Brown who has worked as an archaeologist in Egypt for ten years. He received his MA degree in Egyptology from the American University in Cairo, and currently is an Egyptology PhD student at UCLA. Currently he lives between Los Angeles, CA and Cairo, Egypt. His excavation experience includes working with archaeological sites in Aswan as well as funerary sites in Luxor, Amarna and the Sudan. In 2016, He has conducted archival research for the MFA, Boston’s Egyptian Art Department's exhibit "Ancient Nubia Now." He has been seen as an on-screen expert, and was featured in History Channel’s Unxplained with William Shatner. 

On this episode we chat about his early love for Ancient Egypt, studying and living in Egypt, dispelling some myths about Egyptology, Pride month, and about the LGBTQ culture in the Middle East...with host Alexander Rodriguez. 

You can check out our indepth article with him in our Pride issue of Metrosource, available on newsstands around the nation, or at 

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