Setting the Record Straight with Actor Shaun Melady


Gay playing gay, straight playing this talk of who is playing a role overshadowing how good someone is playing the role? On this episode we are setting the record straight…so to speak.

Actor and model Shaun Melady is no stranger to the public eye and continues to focus his attention on the screen in his most recent project, the Amazon Prime short film called “The Disturbance Call.” Recently named a New York City celebrity model through his work in various New York Fashion Week shows, Melady has continued his film work with Unit 11 Pictures on this 20-minute thriller. Early in his career, Melady hit the ground in full stride by landing three Off-Broadway plays, has walked in both Fall and Spring New York Fashion Week and also worked with a myriad of other designers. Off the runway and into print and commercial industries, Melady has worked with Fortune 500 clients and men’s wear brands including: Michelob Ultra, U.S. Navy, Tricots St. Raphael, Kane 11 and a variety of other brands.

We chat with Shaun about his career, playing straight characters, coming out at a Christian college, and the future of casting in the LGBTQ community...with host Alexander Rodriguez.  

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