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Metrosource Minis: The LGBTQ World & Beyond

Episode 45 · 7 months ago

Kenny and Armando from 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way


In a world of reality TV that celebrates drama queens and stereotypes, TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way celebrates a real-life love story, the first same male sex marriage of the series, which is built on trust, understanding, and overcoming life’s challenges. Kenny and Armando’s emotional journey was captured in Season 2 & 3 of the popular TLC show which included an emotional coming out, cultural homophobia, loss, and a storybook wedding. Regardless of an age difference, language barriers, distance, or circumstance, these two fought the odds and have quickly become reality TV’s favorite couple, with spinoffs and fierce social media.

In this episode, we have a candid chat about the outpouring of love from their fans, dealing with newfound fame, becoming more confident as individuals by being part of a couple, the reality of love after the honeymoon period, homophobia in Mexico, raising their daughter Hannah, dealing with loss, spirituality in the household, keeping the sex life alive, their future spinoffs, and their line of merchandise…with host Alexander Rodriguez.

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This is metro source minis, the official podcast to Metro source magazine and home of short form interviews with your favorite personalities from the lgbtq world and beyond. Quick, Fun and informative. It's natural source on the go, out in proud since one thousand nine hundred and ninety. What. Hello, hello, hello, this is metro source minis. I'm your host, Alexander Rodriguez, lead rider for Metro source and Queen of the PODCAST. So, in this world of reality TV that celebrates drama, Queens and stereotypes, TLC's ninety day fiance, the other way, celebrates a real life love story, the first male same sex marriage of the series, which is built on trust, understanding and overcoming life's challenges. Kenny and Armando's emotional journey was captured in season two of the popular TLC show, which included an emotional coming out, cultural homophobia, laws and, finally, a storybook wedding. Regardless of an age difference, language barriers, distance or circumstances, these two fought the odds and have quickly become reality TV's favorite international couple, with spinoffs and a social media following that I'm very jealous of. Please welcome anny and Armando him one US. Well, you know, it's Friday, so I'm ready for happy hour. That's that's for damn sure. You know. Did you both, even in your wildest dreams, predict that you would go from being single fathers to international reality stars? Yeah, ever, now it's crazy, and we were actually on season two and three of the other way. Yes, well, and like all these spinoffs, now it's like pillow talk, it's grocery shoppers, it's like this adding titles that you could. You guys are so fabulous. Yeah. Well, I was talking to my dad today. He's like, who are the big girls on your show? He thought I was talking about thousand pounds sisters. Hey, there's always a crossover. That could happen. Right, for sure. Now, why do you think fans have responded so well to you both? I think a lot of it is that we really were true to ourselves and when we, like I said, when we started the process of being on the show, we, you know, made a kind of a pack with each other that we're going to be real, we're going to be ourselves and we're just going to let all the emotions out and just really show the raw couple that we are like from the very beginning and, you know, not sugarcoat anything, that manufacts or anything. We truly were adjust ourselves. Now you both have done so much media includes, including exclusive wedding pics and people magazine. Yeah, it has to change you somewhat, you know, I know everybody wants to stay grounded, but has that changed kind of your thought process, your ego? And I mean in a healthy way, but it has to have changed you somewhat. My Egos already. That hair was certainly big. That's fair. That's he and I'm sorry that we're not. You know, I know you just talked to the prince at work. I'm sorry we're not there. You should have got me twenty years ago. There you got no but honestly, we take it day by day and other new experiences and being in a magazine. You know, it's awesome. It's awesome to see ourselves in that and it's a it's surreal, but at the end of the day we're just two guys in love living, you know, our vives and home and just living normal lives and there's nothing to be you know, to overthink or anything. It's just enjoy the experience and love it every step of the way and just stay grounded. We're kind of been a little bubble because we are in Mexico, so we don't get probably as much as some of the other couples do like living in the United States. But anytime gone to the states to kind of get you know,... kind of get people have to you, and here we've had a lot of people come up to us, but they're all really nice and everything like that, and we're really nice back to him, you know, because we really appreciated the support that we got there. was really surprising for us. We really didn't think we would get so much support, to be honest. Well, and you brought up being kind of in a bubble and because of covid and now the UN find, you know, the reality shows and spinoffs, you've you've kind of just been kept in that kind of bubble, in that same kind of environment. Or you know, you guys aren't the party gays going to Miami, you aren't doing the red carpet openings in Hollywood every week. Yeah, and there hasn't been, you know, that world tour to kind of celebrate your stardom. Is that a little lonely where you're making such a big impact in such a small little bubble and you look at each other it's like, okay, well, I mean, I think even when we join the show initially we thought to ourselves, if we can change this one mind that's enough for us. And just knowing that we've changed minds with people are accepting, their kids are accepting, you know, homosexuals as a whole through our love story, noways enough. You know, that is enough for us. We don't need to like get attention out in public or anything. It's just knowing that the support is there the people that we've changed minds. That's I think is more than them. Don't get me wrong, we like it. It's an injuries experience for sure, but you know, we were, like said, we were very lucky. Said we did have a positive impact, more so than a lot than maybe some. But, e said, it was very surprised. So it actually worked out really well for US well. And you know, the fans are very vocal and I became like a hard true fan like I you know, I binged like for three days straight, like all the seasons. I'm like, Oh my God, there's all this going on and then then you pick like your villains of the season, and then you pick like you know who you're rooting for, but you want to break up. It's yeah, because it's shot in such an intimate way where none of the drama is kind of insided or scripted or planned, and so you really do go on this intimate journey with you guys from from from from every step of it, and you know, the audience just really feels like they're part of the family, like they're part of your friends, and it really builds a strong chemistry with this huge audience. Now you spent years of your life as Kenneth. You spent years of your life as Armando. Is it a little scary to kind of lose that idea of individuality? You are literally a brand. Now you're Kenny on Armando. That's how it's titled, That's how it it is. That's what's kind of funny. It's more than my daughters like. They message me that Kenny Romanto was a Hashtag. You know, it is like really kind of neat for them. So it's kind of cool that way. You know, it's really helped us in some ways because, you know, we do have a shop and different things and it's really broaden our opportunities and to put out there, you know, our face and what our face is about. Is is really is about love and acceptance, because we had to get accepted by our families and different things. So we love that. That is kind of stuck with us. So it's really, really great for that. And and now that we're like on pillow talk a lot a lot of people got to see our personalities a lot more because we dealt with a lot of heavy stuff on our seasons and we got to show our little personalities with more, with a sense of humors and things like that. So it's kind of becoming full circle, like a lot of people see all sides of us now. And I'll go a little bit off of Kenny and you know, talking about acceptance. The abound. Before wasn't accepted and now as Kenny and Ormando, I'm living my true off. I'm happy. I'm, you know, happier than I've ever been in my life. So I wouldn't change it now for when, except I just had you know what my job is to kind of be a to pick up on people's energies and kind of respond to that, and I've interviewed you guys a few times and one of them was, I think, right as season two. It was was kind of playing and I have to say, from from my side of the chair, Armando, I do see this this confidence...

...that's built and this personality that's really come out. Where's the first interview? You know, you guys are so adorable, but Kenny, it was like, you know, you were kind of were taking the leading in some of the questions, and now I really see this kind of equality, and that's it's so adorable to see. Yeah, well, I think sometimes you think now I'm too confident, abody else can calm down. He's like, I missed quiet Armando, just so timid. I'd let others kind of step on me, sort of speak, and now and not so much so. He's like, and that's really a theme. That's really a theme in people who come out of the closet. Finally, and no matter if it's a good experience or a bad experience, there is that weight that's lifted and then you get to really concentrate on who you are and so that, even though you came as part of this couple, it's still your journey as a gay man, as who you really really are, and I think sense that immediately your energy. Okay, gentleman, but the honeymoon period is over. The weddings happened. Now that's real life, real life ahead of you. What have been some of the biggest obstacles in moving forward as a couple, and especially with your daughter, Hannah? M I'll say like some of our parenting styles has been different. I'm like maybe a little more old school. So we've had some back and course about different things on discipline or stuff like that, but it always works out, I think, in the end. You know, we have some struggles still moving forward because of we're having talks about expanding our family and with our age different. So there's some things that were still working on. That is pretty heavy and I didn't think like that my age. I be like dealing with such heavy things, but Armando's worth it to me. So we are dealing with it head on and we'll get to see where that takes us. Now. How has the media frenzy affected Hannah and how do you keep her granded, because everybody loves Hannah. Hannah's bows, Hannah smiles, Hannah's you know. Well, the thing is, honestly, yet understand the gravity of the situation or the show she's sometimes, you know, we're on TV and stuff and Jesus walks away. She doesn't even see. She doesn't get it. So she doesn't pulling get but she's become a little bit of a devil where she wants. She's talked about wanting to model and getting to pass and things. So we're exploring that now. So we might be paget moms and not all these collars and arrist but can imagine, like, hello, chlse, there's another show beauty page of Dad's. I love that. Now on the show, I am all for that, but on the show we saw we saw the homophobia and Mexico present itself both through the government also through that scene that that you're out of dinner with your family. How has the home phobia been in your neighborhood since? I mean, I think as a whole things are okay. We were we haven't encountered, I think, anything else the well, we became friends with a neighbor of ours and they're they're strong Christian family and she had problems with like she asked us and she has a daughter's Hannah's age. She asked just like I don't know how to explain to my kids about you being gay and I don't know, they never been around and stuff, and I said, you know, just be straightforward with them and don't make it seem like a bad or ugly thing. And we thought she did that and they were real friendly with us and we had dinner here and there and like barbecues with people in the community. But eventually they kind of just push their way aways funless it, stop talking to us and they just couldn't handle, I guess, being around, you know, a gay couple. YEA, and I only that, but like all this conversation actually started because Hannah would go over to their home and you know, I was fine with that, but Hannah wanted her to come, you know, her friend, to come to her room and see her wo and play in her room and they never let her. And so once I we come on the they had issues with, you know, our livestyle...

...or who we were. It was it was heartbreaking for me. I actually even cheered up because it was like yeah, it's hard to explain to children, because Hanna would ask why can't she come to my room? So it was hard to explain like why, and you know, it's hurtful, you know, to know that you might hurt children, and so it was. It was something I guess we had a deal with. We've explained to her, like after he did that, he explained to her that he has to say to Hannah. At first he was lying to her, saying Oh, I don't know why she can or that. That he had to explain to her and said, you know, when these tid when you people act this way, you're hurting kids too that just want to be friends. You know, I have to say, you know, that is so sad to hear, and some of the sadness as well is, you know, it's not like you had to teach Hannah had to be accepting of you both. She had such unconditional love and that's something that a beautiful moments we saw on the show. It's like, yes, you don't have to tell kids if this is something different, because it's not something different. You don't have to teach kids how to work through it. Kids, you know, are not going to know that it's not considered normal unless you tell them or you have to be a big deal. And Hannah just naturally, you know, followed that that path and that was so beautiful to see. Or it's not some deep dark thing that you have to sit down and teach kids. It's, you know, this is life, this is just yea, and that shows you that. And then for me it was wonderful to see for acceptance because obviously first and foremost being with Kenny and come together was she's my priority. And how she took it, so seeing how she accepted as she was happy about the double and so that was always good to it to feeling to know that she loved us no matter what. We tried to explain it to our neighbors to like that. You know, you know, don't try to, don't teach them that it's bad, don't teach them that it's whatever. Just be you know, they're good guys. You know this is what it is. You know they have a great daughter. You know, no problem and I said, you will see that your kids will have no problem with it either if you just don't have a problem with it. But eventually I think it just wore them down and they didn't, you know, want to accept it and you know what it is. Sometimes you just got to accept it that they're not going to change. But what and this is part of your story telling, you know, letting audiences into your lives. That has gone viral internationally. It's going to reach those houses that need to have these conversations and it's going to be presented in a very positive way. So, little by little, we're going down the right path. Yeah, and that's what we're doing here, honestly, with when we were trying to get our marriage license and things in Mexico, I said, you know, what do you want to do? Do you want to fight this? Do we want to, you know, fight the system kind of in Mexico? And and he said, I want to fight it. I wanted to do the right thing and to help others, you know, that come after us. So I think it, it really did help and I think we did make some changes here in Mexico. And you know, we can see some of it too. Well, definitely, and that was very well captured on the show as well. Now, what have you learned from learned most from each other since you've been married. Patient. They should Yass patients a big and you know, like said, we you know, we have a big age difference and we have a you know, the culture. We have a lot of differences. That we had to deal with and overcome. But man, at the end of the day, love is what keeps us together. Love is what really is something between us. I mean it's this magical thing between us. I really believe that the cameras stry, everything is there, so everything else is kind of falls away. You know, we're not perfect by any means. We had, we have to deal with stuff, just like any other couple does. But you know, at the end of day we love each other and that's what matters and it gets you through it. If you then, we always say, if you both get fifty one percent instead of just fifty percent. Yeah, you always try to put the others for the other person first. Who usually works out by the end of the day? Well, and it talking about love overcoming this is not a fun subject, but I do want to talk about grief. Grief took many forms during the other way,...

Armando, the loss of your wife was part of it, the loss both of you had insane Goodbuy to your family, I'm even the loss of moving away from your individual homes. And then, of course, there's been the recent loss of one of my favorite cast members, your dog, truffles. How has this grief not kind of broken you and crippled you. What keeps you going? Well, it's that. It's giving that fifty one percent and being there for each other, loving each other. You know, I had some hard times in my lap and Kenny was all I had from the beginning, because I had nobody else to be open with and confident with and stuff. So he helped me build my character, who was to become confidence, and I think through that I've learned, you know, through his care, that I care just as much for him and I show him that care as well. And even you know, losing truffles was really hard and obviously especially more on Kenny, since it was, you know, his best friend for years and years, and just being there for him and supporting him and listening to him mostly. Yeah, we it's I love how you pick up on stuff, and you, I mean you. You have a heart like you could feel your heart too, and Ale said, you feel these things like and you understand like we like leaving. My family was a lot agree to it and they're still as a lot agree to it. I still startle with it. Him losing, you know, Hannah's mom and having to deal with that and his the grief of his family losing the sun they thought they had, you know, in the dreams they had for him. There was a lot of we've going around and we have to and you know, we learned to deal with it and it all is it's just like leaning on each other and love. And thank you for bringing up truffles. Truffles was a big part of my life for two decades and I still well up thinking about her. Of course, it is amazing what a pet really touches your heart and you don't realize how important they really are. Sometimes it's two is too late, but I'll allow this. With Kenny also, truffles was extra special because that was like the one thing he still had from Florida, but he right raises kids with us. Losing that part obviously, has been really hard and I feel for him and I'm there for him because I know that was, you know, that piece of his kids and Florida well, and I'm that I mean to take a little drink of icon. Yeah, well, it's do and I have to tell you, you know that that car trip with truffles, you know, we felt like we were along there. And when we're talking about unconditional love, animals do love unconditionally. You know there you don't have to teach them, you know the difference between right or wrong. They just offer this love and so of course any loss of a pet is just huge. Now this is a fan question. Are you making religion or spirituality and any part of your lives with Hannah? Obviously we know Mexico is very Catholic. That's just a big part of the environment. What kind of role does with just does that play in the household? I mean we just kind of just we believe in God. She believes in God, I know, like she goes to her mother's family and they're very Catholic and you know, she'll come back home and talks about God or the Virgin Mary and and you know, it's I go along with it. I say, Oh, yeah, you know, whatever she telled me, we I support it. And you know, I guess that we believe in God. Yeah, we believe in God and we believe in a higher higher power and believe in spirituality and being kind and empathy and all that that we teach her. We don't we don't belong to any kind of organized religion, but we teach all that at home and to be a nice person to be nice to everybody around you and to be nice to people that aren't nice to you, but she still are nice back. So we just teach her those kind of things and I think it works out good and what she chooses later is what she chooses later on how she wants to deal with that. We're open to anything and I grew up Catholic and I went to Catholic Grade School, Catholic high school and everything. So, you know, we teach her a lot of parts of the good parts of religion. That I call it that. You know there's because there's a lot of good and parts of religion, but there's some...

...that parts that aren't. Well, and I hear that. I was raised Catholic all my life through college, and you know, there are the pros and cons and if I had a kid I'm not sure what I would do. But yeah, okay, this is also another fan question. This is actually from two of my friends that have been together for twelve years. How are you keeping the love life, bedroom life? How are you keeping that alive when you know you're raising a daughter there and in that cute little house? What's going on? I'm confident, but I'm still embarrassed with those questions. Do you take? You want to know what's going on the sheets? He's shot. He's outside in the bedroom, but he had a lot of pent up stuff and he's getting out over the girl. We have a great life there too, and you know a lot of people think that people that are under s I think it's even better in your Busti's. So I think it's kind of best at both worlds in a lot of way. So it works out great with us and the chemistry is good and we won't like to experience. So that's good that no one's like, I won't try that, I don't Wanta try this. Yeah, and yeah, you just work your times around a child. Yeah, that is even in art in our home. You're on the oppos that and our fact the other. And I have to tell you as as a man, let me tell you as a as a man, kind of Sour. I do know. I've been with an older man. You don't have to teach them anything that they're teaching you everything. You're like, I had no idea you could do it that way. Hey, I've a taught a few things too. Oh, all right, and I know that you had watched that's another spinoff. Now I know that you have some some branded merchandise and you guys are launching kind of like a new a new line of merchandise or I saw something on your instagram that's sometimes coming. What's coming? Well, we do have our online shop, which is Kenny and ROMANDOCOM and we have t shirts. We as what or suture's bows, and we also have a candle line which I make on my own, so I hand for each candle. And so I'm doing a new line of Earthly Auras, will we call it, by Kenny Romando, and I'm doing a new like a spring summer line that's coming out on Tuesday. Everything we put out, it's really amazing because everything we put out cells out right away. All the candles he does, he was making pods and everything, packaging and doing it all we can sell out right away. He's now he's doing another line's coming out pretty soon. Well, what I love about it is that it does have your personal touch on it. It's not like you just as we got license through some you know, TV deal and now somebody else is designing, manufacturing, seting out. It's really your product and it comes from a very good place. So yeah, we know ex find that. Like those of support us, they love that, you know, they love knowing that it comes directly from us and we package it on our own stuff. So I think we like keep it at that way and it's unique and special. even the t shirts and all that we design ourselves. We obviously don't sow them our Sol but we designed it all our self. But it's all done right here in Mexico to so it's all actually in our hometown. So it all ways out really good. I saw for Valentine's Day you guys were doing cameos. I just have to that this is my personal nat question, like what's The craziest cameo request that you got? was there something you were like, we can't record that, or yeah, they want they want to see feet. Why is that such a big D everybody's obsessed with feet? That it is. Yeah, like that's like that's not it's not only fans. This is cameo. I mean that's that's just insane to me. It's like I wear socks in the shower, like I don't want to see anybody's seat. Well, some people are into some stuff and it's all good, but you know, we're not doing it. Feat can't like that,...

...but that's okay. Me has really great. So it's a lot of fun, you know, and a lot of people see another personality to us there and we put a lot of heart nose as well, to be but we really do put it hard and everything we do well and that's evident, and I think that's why I also the fans, you know, I have just just really rallied around you and excited to see where life takes you both. I mean the fans literally cannot get enough. I'm the last of it. Oh, I'm just saying that that fans just can't get enough of you guys. We all at least we love it. We love having that support and, you know, sharing, sharing our lives. That's what's made it all worth it in the end, you know, because initially we're worried about, you know, sharing our private we're very private individuals, or before we were. What he was more than yeah, there's no one. We're supported in love and all that and being able to, you know, be hugged or wrapped around. You know, all this love is amazing. Hey, Armando, did you tell your sister that I was obsessed with her eyelashes and maybe no, I did not, because it'll go right to her had she's fabulous. It's funny if we get messages, he gets messages on instagram like Hey, can I have your sister's number? Yeah, they could have your sister's number. I want your wedding planners number. Oh, we can hook yeah, they're both laughing there. They were both single. So even so, you know, the more the barrier. All right. Well, thank you. Thank you so much for being part of Metro sources. Last issue beautiful spread. Again, the artic you guys dods just amazing. We really appreciate it. was beautifully done and thank you so much for that. We've got a lot of Nice, positive feedback on that as well. And just said do a little thing. We have a couple things come up. We have a lot more pillow talks coming up and we have a show called diaries coming up. Season three of that is coming up on discovery plus, I'm mark twenty one s and then eventually will show on l see, but that's coming up for us to so people how exciting. Tell everybody where you want them to find you and follow you. Well, you can find us on Instagram at Armando underscore ninety day and Kedeth underscore niney day and Instagram, and I'm on twitter to at cank and underscore Tampa Bay and they sort of go to Kenyan ermandocom yes, and your amandocom and support. Thank you. Thank you, gentlemen. I hope you have a great weekend and can't wait to see more of what the future brings. Thank you, thank you, you're great. Thank you so much. H All right, that has been my chat with Kerrie and Armando. You can read my indepth article with them on the latest issue of Metro source magazine, available on newstands around the nation, or you can go to Metro sourcecom and check that all out. And that's our episode. I'm your host and lead writer from Metro source, Alexander Rodriguez. You can follow me on Instagram at Alexanders on air. Until next time, stay true and do you boo. That has been another metro source mini like share. Subscribe on your favorite podcast player and check out the latest issue of Metro Sports magazine on newstands or online at Metro sportscom. Follow us on Facebook, instagram at natural source and on twitter at Metro course mad until next time. They fast,.

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