Jeremy Blacklow - Director of Entertainment Media for GLAAD


Jeremy Blacklow joined GLAAD in 2017 as Director of Entertainment Media, where he serves as a liaison between GLAAD and the film, television, music, and gaming sectors, working to ensure that the industry is equipped to leverage GLAAD’s research and resources to bring about fair, inclusive, accurate, and diverse representations of LGBTQ people and issues. 

Prior to joining GLAAD, Jeremy worked for 17 years as a journalist, with a focus in entertainment news. He began his career in New York City at NBC’s Weekend Today show, and has worked for CNN, Telepictures, and NBC Universal. He helped launch the TMZ brand and the CAA-created digital agency WhoSay in. Jeremy spent five years as Managing Editor of and later spearheaded the editorial relationship between Yahoo! and CBS’s The Insider, appearing frequently on-air as a contributor.

In recent years, Jeremy has worked as a digital marketing consultant, while also freelance writing for publications including Variety, TheWrap, and ETOnline. He’s a proud 10-time AIDS/LifeCycle participant, an electronic music producer and a DJ.  

We chatted with Jeremy about it ALL: the future of LGBTQ representation in the media, double standards with gay casting, activism fatigue, the AIDS Lifecycle, being PC, and even being single. Tune in!  

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