Grammy Nominated Jazz Musician Dave Koz


During COVID, there have been amazing musicians keeping the music alive with live streams and new albums…on this episode we chat with jazz musician Dave Koz…who has singledhandedly brought SAXY BACK. 

In a recording career that spans nearly three decades, saxophonist Dave Koz has racked up an astoundingly impressive array of honors and achievements: nine GRAMMY® nominations, 11 No. 1 albums on Billboard’s Current Contemporary Jazz Albums chart, numerous world tours, 13 sold-out Dave Koz & Friends At Sea cruises, performances for multiple U.S. presidents, a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and appearances on a multitude of television shows, including “Good Morning America,” “The View,” “The Tonight Show,” “Entertainment Tonight” and more. A Platinum-selling artist, Koz is also known as a humanitarian, entrepreneur, radio host and instrumental music advocate. During COVID he released his 20th album, A New Day, exactly 30 years after his debut album came out. He has been keeping the music alive with his livestreams, including his most recent A Romantic Night In with Brian McKnight.

We chatted with him about his coming out experience, manifesting his own place in Grammy history, recording at the iconic Capitol Records…and love and dating. Check it out!  

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