Dizz from Singing Group rIVerse


Dizz is the founder and lead songwriter/choreographer for Canadian musicgroup, rIVerse. rIVerse recently released their music video for "BaeBeeBoo" off their critically acclaimed sophomore album "Poison IV', a deeply personal and eclectic pop and R&B record that explores themes such as Black Lives Matter, systemic racism, body positivity, self-love and more. Dizz recently came out as HIV Positive in solidarity with National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day and has since been using his platform to end the stigma around HIV and AIDS. 

On this episode, we chat with Dizz about the behind the scenes of the singing group, coming out as HIV positive in the modern world, and the importance of self love...we also put it out in the world that Beyonce should play Dizz in the movie version of rIVerse...c'mon Bey!  

Hosted by Alexander Rodriguez 

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