Olivier Award Winner & Broadway's Lesli Margherita


An Olivier Award winner for her West End debut as Inez in ZORRO THE MUSICAL, Queen Lesli made her Broadway debut originating the role of Mrs. Wormwood in MATILDA THE MUSICAL. After over 1000 performances, she bid farewell to the Broadway company of Matilda and crossed the street to The Helen Hayes to star as the diva Mona Kent in Broadway's DAMES AT SEA.  

Off-Broadway, Lesli starred as Princess in EMOJILAND and Cindy Lou Who in the one-woman tour-de-force WHO'S HOLIDAY. Her hilarious show-stopping performance earned her critical acclaim including a Drama Desk nomination for Outstanding Solo Performance, among other accolades. She has multiple TV and film appearances as well as played all your favorite roles in regional theatre. AND she is the creator/star of 'Looks Not Books' & 'Ship Happens' the popular backstage vlogs commissioned by Broadway.com, as well as the digital short series 'Sparklepuff,' all of which can be seen on YouTube. Lesli's books, NECK PUNCH and CARRY ON, and BLU!, are available on Amazon & iTunes. Her debut live album RULE YOUR KINGDOM is currently in stores and available on all digital platforms.

In this Metrosource Minis, we chat with Lesli about her allyship with the LGBTQ community, becoming the Queen of your own Kingdom, her favorite moment onstage, the struggle getting through COVID has been, her creative process in her performance of I Am What I Am, and, strangely enough, bar carts...with host Alexander Rodriguez.   

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